Mycosis fungoides


Superficial or superficial and deep perivascular infiltrate of lymphocytes
Lymphocytes in lichenoid array, if only in foci; some dermal papillae stuffed with lymphocytes sometimes
Some lymphocytes with nuclei having cerebriform outlines
Wiry bundles of collagen arranged haphazardly in zones of lichenoid infiltration of lymphocytes
Some lymphocytes within the epidermis larger than those within the dermis
Lymphocytes within the epidermis, both those disposed as solitary units and those in clusters, accompanied by scant spongiosis
Lymphocytes disposed as solitary units and those arranged in clusters sometimes found at any level of the epidermis, including the granular and cornified layers
Epidermis sometimes psoriasiform
Cornfied layer sometimes orthokeratotic or parakeratotic, or both