Lupus Erythematosus

Fully developed

Moderately dense superficial and usually deep perivascular infiltrate of lymphocytes (and, uncommonly, plasma cells); perifollicular disposition of the infiltrate often
Mucin abundant in the reticular dermis
Fibrocytes with thin nuclei and long tails of cytoplasm, sometimes stellate, in the upper part of the dermis
Prominent telangiectases in the upper part of the dermis
Siderophages and melanophages in the upper part of the dermis
Epidermal and adnexal basement membranes thickened markedly
Vacuolar alteration along the dermoepidermal junction
Smudged appearance of the dermoepidermal junction
Epidermis thinned focally; basal keratinocytes sometimes displaying pleomorphic nuclei and some possibly necrotic
Compact orthokeratosis; widened infundibula sometimes plugged by orthokeratotic cells